AppleScript Links


It’s out there.


Especially with Apple’s renewed support for AppleScript, there is a wealth of AppleScript resources now on-line. Here are just a few jump points to take you elsewhere.


Tutorials & Reference
      1. BareFeetWare’s comprehensive AppleScript tutorial and reference.
      2. Apple's beginner tutorial.
      3. Apple's AppleScript Language Guide reference.
      4. Bill Briggs AppleScript Primer columns in MacCentral. They are a bit all over the place but good reading.

Discussion Forums
      1. Apple’s AppleScript Users mail list.
      2. The MacScrpt mail list discusses all Mac scripting environments.
      3. The alt.comp.lang.applescript newsgroup.

Sites & Resources
Some links to external AppleScript Resources:
    1. Apple's AppleScript site.
    2. The AppleScript Sourcebook, by Bill Cheesman.
    3. aims to be the ultimate AppleScript resource.
    4. ScriptWeb - rarely updated.

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