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A wealth of AppleWorks information is resources are on-line, including scripts, plug-ins, tutorials, discussion forums, troubleshooting and templates.

        1. View messages from others on the ClarisWorks discussion (list serve) archive. To email messages to the forum you need to subscribe to the mail list. After subscribing, it emails you each new message, but since it misses sending some messages, you should always check the web archive.
        2. AWUG (the AppleWorks Users Group) hosts AWUG Discussion Forums: AppleWorks Help, and Wish List.
        3. Apple’s AppleWorks discussion forum is currently the most active form.
        4. Usenet Mac applications newsgroup.

Tips, Tutorials and Information
        1. BareFeetWare’s AppleWorks scripts, tips and other resources.
        2. AppleWorks home page at Apple.
        3. The AppleWorks User Group (AWUG) has over 15,000 members and publishes the AppleWorks Journal and various books.
        4. MacMail hosts Rod Lawton’s “Getting the most out of AppleWorks” tutorials, including database summaries, styles, text frames, spreadsheet named ranges, presentation effects.
        5. Beaverton School District staff development includes AppleWorks getting started and “adventuring” guides, mostly in PDF format..
        6. Impressive AppleWorks tricks by Charles Brieling.
        7. Stevenson High School’s Tutorials On-Line includes several AppleWorks tutorials.
        8. F&M AppleWorks documentation.
        9. Uni of Illinois Prairie Flowers group ClarisWorks tutorials.
        10. Bob Hearn’s “A Brief History of ClarisWorks”.
        11. Gareth Jones’ “ClarisWorks/AppleWorks History
        12. Using Word Services with ClarisWorks explains to hold down the Option key while selecting the “Word Services” menu item in ClarisWorks 3, 4 and 5, to edit the settings.

        1. Download the latest AppleWorks 6 updater from Apple USA.
        2. Download the latest AppleWorks 6 updater from Apple Australia.
        3. Apple’s older ClarisWorks updaters.
        4. Another Apple location for old North American updaters.

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