File Conversion Service

4:34 PM

Can we convert you?


Do you have a pile of MS Word or Excel documents that you want converted to AppleWorks? Or MacDraw or ClarisDraw documents that you just want as PICT? You can submit your documents here to be converted and returned to you.

Enhancement Pack
for AppleWorks



Add 40 features to AppleWorks for Macintosh, including database replace, batch file conversion, open CSV files, create table of contents, draw text along an arc, and many more.

File Formats


You can send us SuperPaint, PICT, AppleWorks, MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, MacDraw, ClarisDraw, RTF, text and ask us to convert to any of those formats or HTML, PDF. Other formats may be possible upon request.

Cost per batch


We charge AU$80 (about US$55) per batch of files to convert. You can send one batch spanning multiple emails or disks. So, for instance, you can send a series of five emails, each containing 1MB of files, and it will be considered as one batch. We will not start work on a batch until payment details are received.

Cost per MB


On top of the per batch charge, we charge AU$10 (about US$7) per MB received. You can send the files compressed (which we encourage), but it is the uncompressed file size that is measured.



We prefer payment via direct deposit (such as through Internet banking), to Australian Westpac bank BSB 032527, account 152963 “BareFeetWare”. We also accept PayPal, BankCard, VISA, MasterCard (no AmEx), but you must add 3% to the total charge to cover the merchant fees. We accept cheques, but they must be cleared before we process the order, and US$7 added for non-Australian cheques.



While we do guarantee that we can convert your files (or else we won’t charge you), we do not guarantee that your converted files will retain all the features of your originals. It depends on your files, the translation process and the features supported by your software. For instance, word processing documents should retain all the text, font styles, but possibly not style definitions, table formats, some graphics and so on.



For a large number of files, you may want to send us a test batch first, to ensure that you like the result, before committing to send us all the files. For instance, if you have 50MB of files, you may wish to pay for and send us a batch of 1MB of files first, and only send the remaining 45MB of files as a second batch if you are happy with the result.

Send via email


Send us your files and payment details.


Convert your own


You may wish to convert your own files. Here are some possibilities:



Convert between AppleWorks and Microsoft Office documents and others. It does not handle ClarisDraw and MacDraw documents.



icWord is a cheap program that can open and view Microsoft Word documents, retaining more formatting than some MacLinkPlus translators. They also offer icExcel.

Save As...


If you have the program that created your original documents, you can convert one document at a time by opening and saving "as" another format. You could use an AppleScript script to process a batch of files all at once. For example, the AppleWorks Batch Convert script automates the process of converting to AppleWorks documents.

Save as
intermediate format


If you do not have a translator, but have the original program, you could save as an intermediate format (such as PICT, SYLK, RTF or TEXT) that could then be opened by your new application. This may be laborious for a batch of files.

Copy & Paste


Similar to the previous method, you could copy and paste the contents of the old document into a new document.

XTND translator


This translator allows AppleWorks 5, WordPerfect and others to read and write SimpleText files containing font style formatting and pictures.