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What is IMAP?


Read this brief introduction to IMAP, extracted from a slide show presentation. Unlike older messaging systems which are predominantly based on a POP email server, modern IMAP email systems allow true collaboration for multiple users accessing one mailbox or one user accessing email from several locations and much more.

O'Reilly Article:
Using IMAP
on Mac OS X


“IMAP or POP? Which is the best mail protocol to use on your Macintosh? This IMAP primer will help you understand its benefits and limitations, especially when using the client on Mac OS X.”

Email servers


In most modern organisations, email is the life blood of the communication. By providing advanced features such as IMAP, ACL (access privileges to shared mailboxes) and mailbox routing, the email server plays a major role in the way that information can be handled. By using Internet standards, the server can be used by any standard email client on any platform. See our comparison of email servers for Mac OS (including Mac OS X). Stalker’s Communigate Pro is the clear winner here.

Comparison of
email clients
for Mac OS 9


What is the “best” email client? The answer depends on the features that you need, so see our detailed comparison. For instance, Mulberry has the most extensive support for internet standard features but is not scriptable; Outlook Express is free and supports some scripting but does not support shared email boxes and wastes time downloading whole messages; Netscape threads messages and supports access privileges but has limited account management.

Message threading


One important requirement for work flow tracking is some method of linking between messages. When a message is sent via SMTP, most email clients include a message-id header with an id unique to that message. Most email clients, when replying to a message, include the original message's id in a references or in-reply-to header. So it is possible to track the various tangents of a collaborative discussion without the need to append whole sections of preceding email. Unfortunately, Netscape Communicator appears to be the only client which provides links between messages using their id. Other clients, such as Eudora and Mulberry allow grouping of messages by subject, but the links are lost when the subject changes, or if two copies of a subject emerge independently.