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Last updated: 1999.08.19


Although undocumented and probably unsupported, AppleWorks supports PhotoShop compatible Plug-Ins, which are also used by other image processing applications.

AppleWorks for Mac also supports AppleWorks scripts, which are similar to plug-ins but can affect any content, not just painting.

When entering the paint environment (eg when a new blank paint document is created or editing a paint frame), AppleWorks looks for a folder called "AppleWorks Plug-Ins" in the AppleWorks folder (ie at the same level as the AppleWorks Scrips folder). If the AppleWorks Plug-Ins folder exists, the menu item "Plug-In Effects..." is added to the Transform menu.

The AppleWorks Plug-Ins folder does not actually need to contain any files. It just has to exist to enable the plug-ins feature.

Do this:
    1. Select an area of painting document or frame (more reliable) with a selection tool (rectangular or lasso).
    2. Select the menu item Plug-In Effects... in the Transform menu.
    3. A standard Open dialog box appears. Locate a PhotoShop compatible plug-in.
    4. Fill in the parameters of that plug-in.

The following examples were created in paint frames within a draw document, using each plug-in's default settings.

Only Filter Plug-ins (file type 8BFM) work with AppleWorks. The Import and Export Plug-ins are not displayed in the open dialog. So plug-ins such as scanning, Anti-Aliased PICT, Paths to Illustrator, PICT Resource, GIF89a Export are not available.

The following filter plug-ins were tested briefly. Note that RAM allocation may make a difference. Some plug-ins only give a meaningful result for depth (Resolution & Depth in the Format menu) of 24 bit (millions) or perhaps 16 bit (thousands). More stable and reliable results can be obtained by using paint frames (eg in a draw document) than in a paint document.

If an error is encountered, subsequent attempts to use any plug in may result in plain white output, until AppleWorks is relaunched.

Plug in Result
ASI 3-D Demo interface blank
Clouds No interface. Just fills black.
Color Halftone OK
Crystallize OK
De-Interlace OK
Distortions:All error -30900
Extrude OK
Intellihance™ CMYK error -30101
Intellihance™ GS error -30101
Lens Flare OK
Mezzotint OK
Pointillize OK
Radial Blur OK
Solarize OK
Tiles OK
Variations interface blank
Wind OK

More Plug-Ins Tested
A long list of more plug-ins from various software packages have also been tested. About 150 plug-ins have at least minimal compatibility with AppleWorks.

Other Sources for Plug-Ins
A few sites with more PhotoShop plug ins:
    1. i/us -- The Plug-In Party
    2. Pure Mac: PhotoShop Plug-Ins

If you know of other sites or how well some plug-ins work with AppleWorks, please tell us.

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