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Over 40
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The Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks adds over 40 new features (accessed through new menu items) to the most popular office program on the Mac.

Latest Version: 1.9.1


Enhancement Pack 1.9.1 is the latest version. Click the link for details of changes. All registered users have received upgrade information.



The Enhancement Pack is designed for AppleWorks 6, but about most of the features (except when working with databases) are also compatible with AppleWorks/ ClarisWorks 5. Once installed, you simply run the added menu commands, directly in AppleWorks. Most features work with any Mac OS configuration from Mac OS 7.5 through Mac OS X (recommended). Microsoft Windows? - don’t ask ;-)



Download a fully functional copy of the Enhancement Pack to try it out.



If any features in the Enhancement Pack are of use to you, please register your copy(s) now. The shareware fee starts at US$25 for a single user down to less than $2 for each copy in a site license.




The most detailed information about each of the enhancements to AppleWorks is given in the “Enhancement Features” database, included in the Enhancement Pack download. But below is a brief summary, along with some links to some more info on some of the enhancements.

Word Processing


Word processing commands can be used on any word processing document. You can Compare revisions of a document to locate the changes, Convert Labels on numbered paragraphs, Export for XPress, Extract Containing a chosen phrase, Find Repeated Words, build an Index of important words, make a Table of Contents, Web Publish your document with cleaner HTML and META keyword and description tags.



Text scripts can format the selected text as lowercase, UPPERCASE, Word Caps, Title Caps, or Small Caps. You can make a simple Fraction, Unwrap Lines after copying from an email or web page, or Paste Plain text to remove formatting from AppleWorks or another styled text program. Underline Words without underlining the spaces and punctuation.



Drawing commands manipulate graphic objects in the drawing layer of an AppleWorks document. They allow you to: Compare Text Frames, apply Dashed Lines to lines and rectangles, Grow selected objects, Join Prism Corners, Label Dimensions (height and width), Show Properties, place Text Along Arcs.



Spreadsheet commands give you facilities to: Draw Cell Borders so you can make them thicker or patterned, and make Negative Cells Red. Custom functions (see below) add new formula possibilities.



With these extra Database features, you can: Audit Fields, Compare independently edited databases, Duplicate Multiple records any number of times, Find Duplicates and delete the repeated records, Replace all fields with a selected value, formula or series, Web Publish your database for searching over the Internet. The added Lookup function gives you simple relational database features.



Commands that do not require a particular kind of document include: Batch Convert Files, Copy File’s Path, List Disks & Space, Reveal in Finder, Copy Function Script. You can Import CSV (comma separated value) and tab delimited text files into a new spreadsheet or database, automatically trimming surrounding quotes and spaces.

Function Scripts


Add extra functions to spreadsheet documents and frames and databases: Linear Regression, Lookup, Median, Quartile, Mode, Rank, Frequency. The Enhancement Pack makes these available via the “Function...” menu command which lets you choose the function call from a list, then paste it into your spreadsheet or database formula.

New feature


After you have tried the Enhancement Pack tell us what you want to see in the next version. are some of the suggestions/requests so far include: Title Caps and Word Caps also work on spreadsheet cells; Table of Contents and Index work on long documents (work around an AppleWorks bug). We may also squeeze in: Lighter (and Darker) tinting on graphic objects (eg to make watermarks out of clip art); Convert to Polygon; smaller button bar; Smart and Unsmart Quotes; custom arrow heads; arrow on a curve; dashed curves; email integration (eg batch sending to addresses in database); Export with Tags (more flexible replacement for Export for XPress, including export of footnotes); Invoicing system (using Lookup); Find with styles and wildcards.


We welcome any queries about our AppleScripting AppleWorks resources.